Mr Demille, I’m ready for my close-up [7/52]

Yeah, not really. But I do have a director’s chair :)

Visiting with my macro lens for this week’s prompt had me wishing for Summer and my garden. With around three or four feet of snow still in my yard, that’s not happening anytime soon.

So I took the opportunity to try a few so-called ‘cliche’ shots that I’ve always wanted to try but never really got around to.

First up, the eyes (eye?) have it …

Gorgeous hazel peepers courtesy of my daughter’s girlfriend. The girls know by now that nobody is safe from my lens. heh. And I’ve learned that these types of shots are hard! but whatever, it’ll do :)

I’ve always wanted to try the threaded needle thing, but never really got around to it.

It was fun! and I couldn’t resist a ‘not-so-close-up’ shot. What is it about a needle and colourful thread? It’s so appealing to me.

And although my garden is, sadly, only a dim memory from last year, at least I had some Valentine roses to play with. Really, what’s a ‘close up’ prompt without the requisite floral shot?

I’m not a huge fan of roses, but these ones sure are beautiful. So pretty.

So this was fun! A bit of a challenge all week though, looking for something in my house to photograph that I haven’t already.

And I just want to say, you guys have no idea how hard it was for me to NOT put any textures on those last two photos. Killing me! Seriously. Don’t be surprised if you see them pop up again, all dressed up.

They’re all but yelling at me to do it :)


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  • saintseester
    Posted at 08:41h, 20 February Reply

    Unlike last weekend, this weekend was much, much warmer. About 40 degrees warmer, so I was able to get out of my house. I still didn’t go any farther than the backyard though. However in the next couple of weeks, baseball starts for my son, and we’ll be all over the county.

    I love the needle and thread shots, too. Don’t know why they are appealing, but like you said, they just are.

    • janice
      Posted at 10:50h, 20 February Reply

      It’s been warmer here too, but awfully ugly with all of the melting snow and garbage. Ick.
      Baseball starts in a couple of weeks?!
      Now that makes me happy!
      Looking forward to seeing some photos :)

  • Bari
    Posted at 09:34h, 20 February Reply

    Hazel eyes rock! Great shots as always. So, that’s what the eye of a needle looks like. It’s been awhile! LOL

    • janice
      Posted at 10:52h, 20 February Reply

      Don’t they? I actually tried daughter’s first but they are so light I just wasn’t getting anything that I liked, for this type of shot, y’know? I’m glad her gf was here :)

  • Tug
    Posted at 13:59h, 20 February Reply

    Love the eye shot! I’m with you on the flower/texture thing…you’ll actually see why on Monday, lol.

    • janice
      Posted at 16:31h, 20 February Reply

      aha! can’t wait :)

  • Jillsy Girl
    Posted at 17:27h, 20 February Reply

    Gosh, those close-ups are amazing….so much detail and crispness. I’ve got to see if my lens can do that, too ~ or is it the photographer?? ;-)

    • janice
      Posted at 17:30h, 20 February Reply

      LOL! brat ;)

  • Gail
    Posted at 19:29h, 20 February Reply

    I love all your submissions this week! Nicely done.

    • janice
      Posted at 22:31h, 20 February Reply

      Thanks Gail! :)

  • maureen
    Posted at 23:55h, 20 February Reply

    amazing shots. each one stand alone, gorgeous.
    i’m with you, i’m not a fan of roses, but girl, you nailed that shot, it’s beautiful.
    cliche or not, every photog needs a great rose shot in the portfolio
    you’ve got one.
    I am completely in love with the second needle & thread shot.

    • janice
      Posted at 01:51h, 21 February Reply

      Thanks Maureen. Is that your pick? hehehe ;)

  • Christie
    Posted at 23:26h, 21 February Reply

    Oh my goodness, these are some awesome shots! The lighting is perfect and though it was a picture of simple things, it was as if it had a story! Very nice!

    And happy Birthday!

    • janice
      Posted at 02:19h, 23 February Reply

      Thanks hon!
      I had to rescue you from the spam folder. LOL! sorries ;)

  • Alison
    Posted at 11:57h, 22 February Reply

    Love ’em all – and…. the softness of the rose sans texture is just scrumptious. So there :) And the eyeball is divine. I think that needs to be a new catch phrase.

    Happy birthday week!!

    • janice
      Posted at 17:05h, 22 February Reply

      Thanks Alison! I’m a self-proclaimed texture addict ;)

  • Barbara
    Posted at 15:46h, 22 February Reply

    Cliche or not, these are all great. Love the eyes! I’m thinking I really, really need a macro lens…

    • janice
      Posted at 17:06h, 22 February Reply

      I’ve had that lens forever and I love it to death, still.
      Highly recommend :)

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