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Janice @SHINE

There are no shadows which cannot be illuminated.

August Sander

designer  photographer  dreamer  survivor


When I’m not busy chasing sunsets & a good cup of coffee, you’ll generally find me behind a camera or in front of a computer screen or somewhere in my home with a paintbrush in my hand.


I enjoy a good book, great music and I watch entirely too much TV.


I cook.
Once in awhile.


I love a relaxing aimless drive, finding new country roads to explore. Gardening is always therapeutic & I’ve recently become far too fascinated with bird feeders.


I dream of a home with a wrap around porch, exposed brick walls & old wide plank floors.


I dream a lot.


I love design. No, seriously LOVE design. No matter what I’m doing, at any given time, there is some sort of design element involved. From rooms to gardens to photo shoots & graphics, my head is usually spinning with ideas.


And you’ll find some of those ideas right here.