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01 May hello May!

If this absolutely gorgeous day is any indication of what May has in store for us, I'm going to be one happy lady. I'm glad I caught this stunning show Mama Nature decided to put on. _____________________________________________________________________________________ You can find my 365|2013 project on flickr. For all...

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30 Apr bye-bye April, you were good to me

Days filled with sunshine and the promise of Spring. A trip to the greenhouse that soothed my soul. Lazy sunday mornings listening to the rain and relaxing drives down some of my favorite roads. Thank you, April. See you next year. You can find my 365|2013 project on flickr. For...

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20 Apr rainy days of sunshine

Rainy days and sunshine? Rainy days and Sundays? meh, whatever :) The ice has melted, the sun has come out and dare I say? Spring is truly here to stay. And in the midst of it all, horrific happenings in the U. S of A. Hard...

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