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About the 7 on 7 Project: Post seven photos on the seventh day of each month – a no pressure project with like-minded photo friends. No rules and no themes, just tell a story with some favourite photos from the previous month, and link to the next photographer in line. Easy and pressure-free. Enjoy!

Hello, Spring. 


I searched high and low for signs of Spring, seeing as how it was the first day of Spring and all. But I gave up tramping through the dirt and instead, took a photo of the sun peeking around the corner on one of my favourite dirt roads. Good enough! Helloooo sunshine!

Of course, there’s still Backyard Bob who is, for sure, a sign of Spring.

Turns out though, that Bob is probably a Barbara. Further turns out that she is living under our deck, and possibly has made her way under our summer room.

Turns out, she has to go.

I don’t mind Barbara-Bob at all, as long as she stays in the far corners of the yard. I didn’t invite her to move in and I sure as shit didn’t invite her to start shovelling all the dirt out from under my 140 year old house. I need that dirt. It’s holding up my damn house.

Goundhog by SHINE Photo+Design
What up, lady? I'm eating your house but check out my cuteness.

Barbara-Bob’s days are numbered.

Unless she has babies. Then I’m screwed. I can’t relocate a mama without her babies and it will be months before the babies venture our of their (MY!) house.

I am so screwed.

In other news (because the Barbara-Bob situation stresses me out) I’ve been patiently filling the bird feeders, making new feathered friends, and trying to coax the cardinals into my yard. I hear them singing, but hell if they aren’t suspicious of the new lady on the block (me, if that’s unclear) and fly tauntingly over my house.

Until last week.

Hello Handsome!

Eeeeeeeeee!!! CARDINALS IN MY YARD!!!

It’s the little things, y’know. Doesn’t take much to make me happy.

A long lens and a clean window and I’m occupied for hours.

Bluejay SHINE Photo+Design
This guy still keeps his distance but I have peanuts. I win.
Chickadee by SHINE Photo+Design
Kinda love his chubby little shadow.
SQUIRREL! They leave their nuts on my windowsill. Not sure what they're trying to say.

My girl came home and brought me some belated birthday tulips.
So pretty.

Tulips by SHINE Photo+Design
Pure sunshine, right there. Tulips are one of my favourites.

And in the midst of all of this Spring activity, of course Winter came back.

But it brought some unexpected beauty

Sundog by SHINE Photo+Design
Backyard Sundog. What a beauty.

Ahhh Spring, you sure are full of surprises.


Kristina is up next with her seven photos from March. Go pay her a visit and enjoy! 
See you next month.

  • Tara
    Posted at 11:25h, 07 April Reply

    gah, that cardinal has such personality! good luck with Barbara-Bob… :D

    • janice
      Posted at 14:31h, 07 April Reply

      Doesn’t he though? I have a few more of him on that fence, each pose sillier than the last. What a character!

  • Kris
    Posted at 11:39h, 07 April Reply

    Ack Barbara-Bob! I love all your birds. And your critters. Happy Spring!!

    • janice
      Posted at 14:32h, 07 April Reply

      Happy Spring, Kris! It’s snowing here LOL

  • Kristina
    Posted at 16:30h, 07 April Reply

    Your post had me laughing. I hope Barbara-Bob packs her bags on her own, but sounds like she’s got a pretty sweet spot under your deck. And love the tulips shot. One of my favorite flowers. :)

    • janice
      Posted at 20:16h, 09 April Reply

      Barbara-Bob is living the good life!!!

  • kim thompson steel
    Posted at 17:53h, 07 April Reply

    These are GORGEOUS! And you make me howl with laughter! What long lens do you have? I’ve been thinking of investing in one….

    • janice
      Posted at 20:29h, 09 April Reply

      Santa brought me a 70-300 L series lens a few years back and I LOVE it. I keep it on the 60D so the crop makes me feel like it’s longer ;) I wasn’t impressed much with it on my full frame so the 24-70 lives on that one. I ADORE that lens.
      I’d love to play around with a 600mm or even a 400 but I think it would spoil me.
      This lens is pretty amazing though, if you’re looking!

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