Amaryllis in Bloom by Shine Photo Design

2019 OLW: Intention

Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.

~ Mary Anne Radmacher

On this day back in 2010, rather than making random useless New Year’s Resolutions that would be tossed out the window inside of a week, I read about the One Little Word project and chose a “word” that would guide me through the coming year.  The concept is simple – choose your word, live it, aspire to it, be guided by it.

You get the idea.

Each of the words I’ve chosen over the years – True, Focus, Strong, Shine, Gratitude, etc.. they all impacted me in some way, and brought about changes in my life. And then for reasons I wasn’t aware of until recently, I didn’t choose a word last year. Or the year before last year. In fact, I can’t recall what my word was the year before the year before last year.

Not good.

Amaryllis in Bloom by Shine Photo Design
New Year blooms. Hello 2019

I’ve come to recognize a few things about myself, and the parts of my life that I’ve been neglecting, and the word ‘Intention’ keeps circling around in my head.

We’ve all heard the words, Live Your Life with Intention. Been there, bought the coffee mug (no I didn’t) and while I agree with and try to follow that mantra, the kind of intention I want to concentrate on is my own actions, and the way I live my day to day life and treat the people in it. I want to take more time to examine my intentions before I do something, or say something. I want to be sure that I am true to the intent of my actions and the intent of the words I speak to others. I want to be brutally honest with myself when I examine the intent behind my actions and words.

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.

~ Mary Oliver


I want my intentions to be true, and meaningful, and good.


I intend to try.

(see what i did there?)

New Years Day Amaryllis by Shine Photo Design

Along with returning to the OLW Project, I have a few other tiny projects on the go and in the works. I started a 1 Second Everyday project this morning and I’m a little bit excited about that. If you’d like to start your own, it really couldn’t be any easier and totally attainable. If you’ve already started or completed one, I’d love to hear about it!

AND, I took these photos today. Today! The first of the year.
I won’t go all crazy and declare another 365 Project, but anything could happen.
You never know.


Happy 2019, my friends.
May the coming year bring you much love, great health, and an abundance of happiness.

You deserve it.

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