june 2013

An entire month of photos in this post. I am officially President of the Procrastinator’s Club. Go me :)

It’s been a wonderful month. Birthdays, final school days, anniversaries, graduation, daughter got a car for her 18th birthday / high school graduation … the list goes on and on. A milestone month to be sure. And as I celebrate each milestone, my mind wanders ahead to the Fall, when my girl will be heading off to school in another town, hours away. And so, I’m grateful for each moment, each milestone, each memory. At times, I feel almost desperate for them.


Anyways … here’s June. I’ve tried to keep it compact :)  You can click on most of these to view larger in flickr.

june1 twoscoopz.com
june 2 twoscoopz.comjune 3 twoscoopz.comjune 4 twoscoopz.com
june 5 twoscoopz.comjune 6 twoscoopz.com
june 7 twoscoopz.comjune 8 twoscoopz.com
june 9 twoscoopz.comjune 10 twoscoopz.com
june 11 twoscoopz.comjune 12 twoscoopz.com
june 13 twoscoopz.comjune 15 twoscoopz.com
june 14 twoscoopz.com
june 16 twoscoopz.comjune 18 twoscoopz.com
june 17 twoscoopz.comjune 19 twoscoopz.com
june 20 twoscoopz.comjune 21 twoscoopz.com
june 22 twoscoopz.com
june 23 twoscoopz.comjune 25 twoscoopz.comjune 27 twoscoopz.com
june_24-1 twoscoopz.com
june_24-2 twoscoopz.com
june 26 twoscoopz.comjune_26-2 twoscoopz.com
june 28 twoscoopz.com
june 29 twoscoopz.com
june 30 twoscoopz.com

*phew* this seriously took me most of the day to organize and post.
The Procrastinator’s Club kinda sucks ;)


You can find my 365|2013 project on flickr. For all daily photos posted here, check 365-2013 in the category list in the sidebar to the right. Want to be instagram friends? Look for jan_twoscoopz and come and play!

  • Susie Westervelt
    Posted at 19:17h, 01 July Reply

    You have always been such a favorite photographer of mine. An inspiration.

    • janice
      Posted at 20:02h, 01 July Reply

      That means a lot coming from you, Susie!

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