april showers bring … april snow?

So really, what’s Spring without a little bit of an ice storm? A whole lot of ice storm, actually.
ice storm (1) - 102|365 at twoscoopz.com
ice storm (2) - 102|365 at twoscoopz.com
ice storm (3) - 102|365 at twoscoopz.com
ice storm - 102|365 at twoscoopz.com
Our entire town was shut down as a result of this storm. Power outages were frequent, with some outlying areas without power for a couple of days. A lot of towns in Southern Ontario faired about the same. Trees and hydro lines down everywhere. I finally ventured out in the middle of the afternoon to take these photos, and simply stepping foot out the door was beyond treacherous. I figured that the yard would offer better traction and it was so crazy to hear the grass breaking and crunching under my boots – it was like a clear lake of ice. I’m hoping nobody saw my two foot shuffle across the driveway.

And yes, I think I need a new birdfeeder :)


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  • Sue Christopher
    Posted at 22:06h, 22 April Reply

    Love it! Crazy ass weather but it always seems to be a little (a LOT) more appealing through the viewfinder of your camera!!!

    • janice
      Posted at 23:53h, 22 April Reply

      SuzyQ! I’ve missed you and your awesome words xoxo

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