a little bit o’luck

oh little house, why won't you be mine?
This house stops me in my tracks. It looks so quaint and welcoming, surrounded by it’s pines and birch trees. What you don’t see in this photo is the beautiful barn and two outbuildings over to the left, and the empty fields that once held a full herd of cows. The front door is boarded up and a chain link fence spans the front road entrance, with a sign declaring No Trespassing. I’m not sure what’s happened here. There is no for sale sign. Yet. And you can bet I’d snap this picture perfect homestead up in an instant – if I won the lottery tomorrow. This home calls to me.

This month has been pretty dreary and snow-filled, but the past couple of days have been gorgeously sunny (but omg cold) and you can almost sense Spring in the air. Almost.


And today, it’s that time of year again. When all the world is Irish and luck is in the air.

lucky shamrocks! Happy St Paddy's Day

And beer isn’t the only thing that’s green (how y’all feeling today? hehee). Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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