sign, sign, everywhere a sign {42/365}

I went back out today to try to get a shot of the elusive black train engine that the sun refuses to shine a little bit of light on and make me a happy girl.

No dice.

I don’t think I’d be having such a problem if it were summertime.  But right now, everything I’m trying in order to get the train exposed properly ends up blowing out the mountains of flipping snow surrounding it.

I’ll figure it out sooner or later!

For now, there’s this …

This one is SOOC and I love the color pop on it, but you know me – can’t stop fooling around …

I so love the retro-ish look, and I’m getting a little better at it (I think/hope!) but I also love being able to say, hey look at the SOOC I took!  heh.  Hello pride, how are ya?

Kind of silly, really.  But the fact is you get some people that are very snooty about post-processing, and will say things like ‘well yeah it’s a nice shot but it’s photoshopped’ and that bothers me somewhat.   I mean, what exactly were all of those photographers doing in their little darkrooms?  Processing.

The further I go with this little ‘hobby’ of mine, the more I am drawn towards the artistic side of it all.

What about you?  Which shot do you prefer?  Because I still can’t decide :)


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