bird’s eye view {38/365}

I didn’t know what I was going to shoot today.  Went out for a drive, thinking probably another barn (which I did get, and just might cheat tomorrow and use … ssshhhhh) and I had my eyes peeled for deer since it’s been so beautiful outside the past couple of days and they like to come out and get warm under the sun.

And then I spotted this guy …

He was massive!  And he kept looking at me while I was shooting away, trying to get a focus on him.  I have one of him taking off, although it’s a little (okay, a lot) blurry.  Freaked me out a little, thinking he was going to come swooping down at me and peck out my eyeballs.  I’m pretty sure he was annoyed with me interfering with his hunting.

I said thank you to him though when I left.  Seriously, I did!

SOOC except for the crop to bring him in closer.  The rest are on my flickr, or will be shortly.  He looks much better enlarged.


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