Husband turned me onto this BBQ chicken pizza a few months back.  The first one was to die for.  Loved it.  Then we ordered again, and it was pretty saucy and ick, but still relatively good (even if you did sorta have to search for the actual CHICKEN, cheapskate pizza place). And then he told me how much one pizza cost. And I almost fainted.  heh. So I thought to myself, I can make that ('course I did, I have issues) and tonight I gave it a shot. Now, I don't know the first thing about pizza dough and I wasn't willing to jump in with both feet here, so I bought a bag of dough from the local grocery and figured I was fine. OMG!!!  Somebody should've warned me how HARD this stuff is to work with!!! No lie, it took me about a half hour to get that ball of dough onto the pan, resembling a bit of a pizza shape.  A strange pizza shape, but whatever.  I totally should've taken a shot of that.  Or a shot of myself wrestling with the damn thing. I was sweating.  Honestly.  yeeesh. Anyways ... No recipe, but here's what I did.