Autumn {41/52}

Surrounded by Fall color this week and in the blink of an eye, it’s almost gone. But I’ve been busy with my camera, shooting away. I’ve yet to finish uploading everything I’ve taken, but I’d like to share these two this week.

fall colors

You’ve seen this barn before in my photostream. I just love it in all of it’s vibrant red glory. I couldn’t resist adding some textures to it (can I ever?) and I’m pleased with the overall painterly look of the finished photo. I thought of my good friend Sue when I took this – it just happened to be her birthday on Saturday and I had my eye out for something to photograph for her. Happy Birthday SuzyQ! I love you muchly and I hope you know how very much I appreciate your friendship, your encouraging words and the knowledge that you are always right there thinking of me and wishing me the best. Always in my corner. That’s priceless and I cherish it. Happiest of birthday days to you, my friend.

I meant to get back to this spot last winter to photograph this gorgeous barn surrounded by crisp white snow, and I thought of it often, but as the crazy weather goes, our snowfall never amounted to much. Maybe this year.

(I can’t believe I’m talking about snow – quick, somebody slap me)

And here, teeny fairy houses in the leaves …

fall fairy houses

I love the rich colors, courtesy of a light rain and overcast skies. Yummy. I have no idea what kind of mushrooms these are, but when I went to move aside a leaf, this thick black goo from the underside dripped on my hand and I thought, ‘oh great, I knew this photography stuff would kill me sooner or later’.

Always thought it would be falling off of something though, trying to get the shot. Never dawned on me that poison mushrooms would be my demise ;)

As always, there’s a ton of iPhone shots in my flickr photostream (and on instagram of course), if you’d like to take a peek. I’ve been a little under the weather with a cold that just won’t quit, so that’s it for me this week. I may or may not add more to this post as the week goes on, but for now, I’m grabbing a blanket and heading for the couch :)


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  • june
    Posted at 22:08h, 14 October Reply

    Both are really beautiful, Jan.

  • Sue Christopher
    Posted at 16:19h, 15 October Reply

    You know the way to my heart! I love barns but I truly love the one who thinks of me when she is taking a photo of one – for me! I do love you, J!

    • janice
      Posted at 17:20h, 16 October Reply

      I was searching high and low all day for something! heheee!
      I’m way too picky. I like this though.
      I hope you had a wonderful day, my friend.

  • Gwen
    Posted at 14:36h, 19 October Reply

    I love these! That’s a very cool barn. :) We drove by a lot of barns in rural PA and MD on our way to/from NYC last weekend. If it was just me in the car, it would have been a leisurely drive with many stops. But my husband was driving, and barns aren’t his thing. So I didn’t get a single barn photo. I’m sure glad you did.

    And those mushrooms are the coolest! Love that you call them fairy houses. But yuck on the black goo!

    Hope you’re feeling better now that it’s many day later …

    • janice
      Posted at 23:58h, 20 October Reply

      I am! Thanks Gwen :)

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