focus52|2012 {week thirty-two} august 5 to august 11

Did you all have fun playing in the water last week? I know I’ve had a good time browsing through your photos. Well done, 52’rs!

We’re going to keep up the fun and easy this week. We’re all enjoying our summer and I know it’s a wee bit hard to keep up with your project commitment when the sun beckons, the kids are looking for summer entertainment, and we’re busy trying to make the summer months stretch just a little bit further. But I hope that you do keep up with your project. You’ve come so far!

This week, our focus52 prompt is …

If you put a bit of thought into this one, you’ll find there are a ton of options open to you here. Have fun with it! But whatever you decide to do this week, follow the prompt or not, come back here and link up your work when you’re done (weeks run Sunday to Saturday, don’t forget!). Links must be to the direct URL of your actual work, not just to the site it’s posted in, and may be a link to your blog post or to your flickr photo (again, the actual photo, not your entire flickr stream). Also, please don’t link and run – try to find some time to visit at least a few of your fellow 52’ers. That’s half the fun! It’s a fact that those who link up early, get the most interaction on their work. Truth.

And don’t forget the flickr pool!

Enjoy your week, 52’rs!

psssttt… looking for last week’s link up? click here

  • christian @ eskimokiss
    Posted at 03:31h, 05 August Reply

    oooh! I have an idea for this one!!

    • janice
      Posted at 08:31h, 06 August Reply

      yay! Can’t wait to see!

  • Gwen
    Posted at 20:26h, 05 August Reply

    Oh, fun prompt for this week!!!!! I can think of a couple of different things to do with that. On vacation right now, and barely got my water photos taken (as I was really hoping to get a rainbow for my water shot before I left, but no luck). Anyhow, really behind on my blogging, hope to get my water photos blogged right now even though I don’t have access to photoshop and hate the jpg sooc of the water photos.

    • janice
      Posted at 08:33h, 06 August Reply

      Don’t let the blogging part hold you back, Gwen.
      As long as you get them up on flickr, you can always go back later and do a post.
      I enjoy the blogging part too, but I sometimes wonder why we make it so hard on ourselves.

  • LaValle
    Posted at 23:40h, 11 August Reply

    Thanks for all of your work Janice…
    I’ve been taken away from my photography for the last few weeks… I do see Focus 52 and one other group as a necessity even though I’m surrounded by a sea of moving boxes.

    • janice
      Posted at 00:42h, 12 August Reply

      Moving is NOT fun :)
      Hats off to you for keeping up. That’s hard to do!

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