around town {16/52}

I finally got out of the house this week. Cleared to drive, I left the house on Thursday morning and didn’t return until dinner. A nice drive around town and the outskirts, a little bit of shopping and a little bit of fun with my iPad camera. Yes, iPad. Seriously going to get me an iPhone. Soon.

At any rate, here’s a few shots from around town, for this week’s focus52 prompt.

mill street drive-by  vintage on main street got coins?

That last one is my favorite :)
(but last on the left is a place I spend WAY too much time at and hopefully won’t see for a really long while)

You know, a lot of people can’t stand iphone or instagram photos. I happen to love them and have always wanted to join in the fun. I’m a great fan of film photography and all things with even a hint of  nostalgia or a retro feel to them. A great girlfriend recently gifted me with an iPad and no sooner was it in my hands was I downloading camera apps and playing around. The camera isn’t half as great as the iPhone, but it’s still pretty damn awesome and I’m having a ball with all of the apps. And I’ve come to realize the importance of the every-day shots which I’m not always able to grab with my big Canon. True, I take my camera with me everywhere, but it isn’t always appropriate to drag that monster out and start snapping away. Having an iPhone (or any phone for that matter) allows you to snap away to your hearts content, unobtrusively. Easily.


And how much easier would it be to complete a 365 that way? Extremely! I think the only thing that stopped me from starting another 365 last year was all of the uploading/editing/saving/blogging/posting/etc … on and on and on. A lot of times, it was a chore. This? This right here is pure instant gratification. So easy.

I’ve noticed, over the past few weeks, that I’ve added so many more photographs to my personal focus52 folder. Photos of the every day stuff that would have been missed had I only my Canon to rely on. Not like I could maneuver that thing from a hospital bed, you know? Couldn’t even lift the darn thing. And I find myself lamenting now, wishing that I’d had this fantastic little piece of tech last year when I would have been able to document so much more of the cancer roller coaster ride I was on. If I really thought too hard about it, I could cry over the lost opportunities. Maybe ;)

At any rate, I feel a new wave of inspiration coming on. One that doesn’t require quite so much work. Keep it simple, remember? And there’s something that I just love about the not-so-perfect look of the photos above. Using this little device allows me to throw away all (well, most) of the technical rules and concentrate on the creativity. That’s all there is. Just your creative eye. I love that.

Now all of this is not to say I’m leaving my pretty Canon on the shelf. No way. Never. All I’m saying is that adding an option, a much easier option, is going to be a great thing.

Time to mix it up a little. It’s good for the soul :)


2012! are you in?

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  • june
    Posted at 20:51h, 22 April Reply

    You have an IPAD! I’m jealous. But bet I get the IPHONE first! Love the direction your creativity is taking you.

    • janice
      Posted at 20:54h, 22 April Reply

      Yeah, Cheryl got it for me, remember?
      I recall you said you were jealous at that point too. LOL

  • Gwen
    Posted at 01:23h, 26 April Reply

    You make me wish I had an iPhone or iPad. My iPod Touch doesn’t have a camera (my 10 year old’s does, not fair!). I am jealous of the Instagram ability. Cause you’re right, it’s much easier to capture and share when it’s already online.

    Love the peek into your town.

    And just to let you know, I FINALLY got my blog post updated. I had a lot of photos to chose from, and narrative to type. I really wanted to do something with last week’s prompt, hope you get a chance to check it out. :)

    • janice
      Posted at 19:11h, 26 April Reply


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