through the looking glass

or in this case, the viewfinder ;)

through the looking glass

From Picture The Holidays,

I am big on perspective. As in, a slight change in it can make all the difference. Sometimes turning something on its ear is the most refreshing shift in how it’s perceived. Just like with life, a photographic image isn’t always as it seems. When you use a tool to alter your creative vision on purpose, the results can be surprising and illuminating. Find something, anything, that changes the way things look today. Shoot through your water glass, a window, or even through something that’s not quite as clear as you’d like it to be, just to see what happens. There is beauty in mystery. It’s your job to discover it.

My newest little brownie. So cool to look through the viewfinder and see what I can see. Those marks on the lens? Yummy. And we spend countless hours trying to duplicate this very thing.

The bottom two photos are the views through the brownie viewfinder, in case that wasn’t clear. heh. No edits here (other than the square crop) – what you see is what I saw.

Isn’t she great? :)


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