focus52 link up! august 7 to august 13

Our focus52 prompt this week is Smiles. If you missed the post, you can find it here.

I’m curious, did you make a conscious effort to smile just a wee bit more this week? Did you remember?

I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.
. . . author unknown

Isn’t that the truth? A smile, when it reaches the eyes, is a thing of beauty.

Show me what you’ve been up to. Link up below with your projects from this week (Sunday to Saturday). Remember that links must be to the URL of your actual work, not just to the site it’s posted in. Also, please don’t link and run – try to find some time to visit at least a few of your fellow 52’ers.

As always, you do not have to follow the prompt in order to link up here. We just want to see what you’ve been up to this week.

And don’t forget to add your work to the flickr pool!

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