focus52 may 15 to may 21

This week on focus52, we’re going to do things a little differently.

Instead of following a prompt, I want you to go out and shoot whatever attracts your eye. I want you to write about whatever strikes your fancy. I want you to draw whatever you see in your mind’s eye.

Take a break from the weekly prompts and just go out and do your thing. Time to clear out the cobwebs, take a deep breath and follow your own prompt. This week? It’s a free for all.

I, for one, am looking forward to it.

And looking forward to seeing your work!

Enjoy your week, 52’rs. Embrace your creativity and the reasons you started this project to begin with.

To create.

Edit: I’d really like to hear your thoughts on having a free-for-all break from the prompts once in awhile. I sometimes find myself feeling too tied down with them, and wondered if any of you feel the same way? Is a free week every now and then something you would like? Or? are you really ticked at me right now for not giving you a prompt. hmmm … lets hear it …


Wondering what this is all about? One project a week for 52 weeks, hosted right here at twoscoopz! Get all of the info here and visit or join the focus52 flickr group here.

  • saintseester
    Posted at 23:46h, 15 May Reply

    I think this is the perfect time for a free week. I’ve had trouble the last few weeks using the prompts for inspiration, mostly due to circumstances beyond my control.

    Speaking of prompts, somehow I have gotten off track and am on week 18 and you show week 19. Is there a master list of the weekly topics so far all collected into one place?

    • janice
      Posted at 00:02h, 16 May Reply

      Besides my calendar, no.
      But that’s a great idea! I should get a list together, if for nothing else but my own amusement.

      In the meantime, you can click the tag at the bottom of this post – f52 prompts – and that will take you to ONLY those posts.
      And now I’m off to check the calendar and make sure I haven’t screwed up the weeks ;)

  • saintseester
    Posted at 00:07h, 16 May Reply

    You didn’t. I forgot to number my Easter post (from week 16) and that’s what threw my set off on Flickr. I am keeping 1 picture each week in my set so I know how many weeks I have done. It helps if I remember to put an item in there each week.

  • maureen @ cottage 960
    Posted at 02:17h, 16 May Reply

    I find that lately I don’t want anything to do with prompts. I just want to shoot whatever I’m inspired to shoot. So I think this is a good thing.
    Thanks for hosting this each weekend. I’ve been busy the last few weekends, but I’m gong to make this next one a priority. And without a prompt, there’s no reason not to.

    • janice
      Posted at 08:30h, 16 May Reply

      You know, even though I say the prompt is there only if you want to use it, I still feel compelled to use it. Like I HAVE to. I wondered if others feel that icky pressure too.
      I think a break now and again is good.
      I hope :)

      I’ll be looking for your shot, Missy ;)

  • Lisa
    Posted at 09:23h, 16 May Reply

    I like the promts. I like that the promts get me thinking outside (or sometimes inside) the box. With the prompts, I take pictures of things I would not normally take pictures of… and I love that challenge! I love digital photography…with or without a prompt I will shoot…but with a prompt I am challenged to go beyond my comfort zone. I also enjoy viewing others’ interpretation of the prompt.

    With that being said, I understand the need for a break every now-and-again. So an occasional “free” week is perfect…and besides, “free” can be my prompt!

  • Juan Carlos
    Posted at 11:33h, 16 May Reply

    I agree with Lisa, it’s ok a free week to do whatever we want, but I like the way my mind thinks and try to create something with the prompts.

    Long life to prompts!!!

  • janice
    Posted at 15:40h, 16 May Reply

    Good to hear, you two!
    I agree.
    So maybe a break every couple of months or so.
    We’ll wing it.
    My calendar is pretty full for prompts, with only a few weeks here and there that are still blank, so we’ll see what happens with those.

  • Gwen
    Posted at 00:13h, 17 May Reply

    I like having the week off from the prompt … because my daughter created a mural on her bedroom wall with crayon, and that HAS to be my focus for this week’s image. LOL I’ve fallen off the scrapbooking bandwagon (so sad about that), so I like using the focus 52 image as a way to preserve something about the week in our life. That’s where the prompts have gotten me a little off track. But like you, I feel like I HAVE to use the prompt, regardless of how I feel about it. I take enough pictures that I feel like I capture our busy life … at the same time, I think a prompt that’s more related to every day routine would be good. Something like “2pm” … throw a time out there, we can pick a day to capture something related to that time. Or “morning beverage” “after school snack” “pet peeve” … just throwing things out there, partly because I’m so deliriously tired and should have been in bed an hour ago. But I had to stay up to get my blog post written so I could get it linked up. It’s been a busy weekend here! Thanks for hosting this, I really do love your prompts, and I’m happy to have a free-for-all week like this. :)

    • janice
      Posted at 07:45h, 17 May Reply

      Good suggestions! I like the time one.
      Good luck removing your Picasso’s work. LOL! Just think, twenty years from now, you’ll be wishing for that mural :)

      • Gwen
        Posted at 13:04h, 18 May Reply

        oh, I might get some crown molding and frame it on her wall … LOL

        • janice
          Posted at 15:01h, 18 May Reply

          LOL!!! Do it!!!

  • charlotte wilson
    Posted at 16:22h, 17 May Reply

    I like the idea of prompts sometimes, but they can be constraining when you find something that really gets you going. So I am for a break. Thanks for hosting and for all that you do for us out here. :o)

    All the best,


    • janice
      Posted at 22:59h, 17 May Reply

      Please! If you come across something else that’s doing it for you, by all means, turn your lens in that direction and ignore the prompt! You never know what the next day might bring.
      You’re allowed five uploads to flickr/week and you can have as many as you want posted on your blog! Just link up a shot here and direct us to your post!
      Sky’s the limit :)

  • Hannah | Farmgirl in Flipflops
    Posted at 23:56h, 21 May Reply

    I like the prompts, too – because they challenge me to be creative outside of what my “norm” is sometimes. But I also like having a few weeks off to just do whatever. =)

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