the journey {352/365}

Santa’s letters have a long way to go before they reach the North Pole.

Today’s word prompt from the Mortal Muses is ‘journey’.


Did you know that Canada Post receives over one million letters to Santa each Christmas? And every letter with a return address receives an answer from Santa, in the language in which it was written (including braille), with the help of over 13,000 Canada Post volunteers.

That’s amazing.

What did you ask Santa for this year? ;)


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  • mosey
    Posted at 23:44h, 18 December Reply

    What a fantastic interpretation of the theme today! It makes me nostalgic for Canada Post mailboxes….
    Thanks for playing with us at Mortal Muses. cheers. :)

    • janice
      Posted at 23:47h, 18 December Reply

      Thanks Mosey!
      I looked all over for an older model. Not a one to be found.
      Sometimes, progress is not a good thing ;)

  • diane
    Posted at 00:08h, 19 December Reply

    I love this picture – heck, I love ALL your pictures! I’m getting a new camera (not like yours, LOL) and a sewing machine – the most simple of sewing machines, cuz they intimidate me like you wouldn’t believe. So, baby steps. :)

    • janice
      Posted at 00:12h, 19 December Reply

      ANY camera is a good camera :D
      and I’ve been wanting a new sewing machine for awhile now. Are you getting one of the newer ones, the kind with all of the funky stitches for your art? oooh I can see some awesomeness coming from you!

      • diane
        Posted at 14:17h, 02 January Reply

        omgosh, no, it’s a simple machine – almost a child’s machine! LOL Here’s a link to it (and don’t laugh!)

  • Tug
    Posted at 00:40h, 19 December Reply

    Love the photo, as always J! The mitt/gloves color, the mailbox, the interpretation…all of it. Awesome.

    I’m asking Santa for the same thing I pray for…not to have to move my branch of the company. I’ve got the dream team – I don’t want to lose them, I don’t want them to lose their jobs, and I don’t want to live where the company wants to move us.

    And health, peace & goodwill of course. ;-)

    • janice
      Posted at 10:08h, 19 December Reply

      I didn’t know all of that was going on!!!

  • june
    Posted at 07:30h, 19 December Reply

    Love this playful photo.

    My daily prayer – and Christmas wish – is that the family will stay healthy, safe, happy and connected.

  • Kat
    Posted at 13:25h, 19 December Reply

    Wonderful, colorful photo! It is wonderful that the postal workers give back in this way. Thanks so much for linking in with your creative interpretation.

  • Jamie S
    Posted at 12:54h, 20 December Reply

    Love, love this photo

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