fall fair, take two {250/365}

There’s a reason I’m posting a shot from yesterday.

Y’see, today was back to school day, and since daughter started school way back in JK, every year I take the traditional back to school, leaving in the morning, shot. Every single year.
And today was no exception.

The only exception is that she just may murdilate me in my sleep should I post those photos here.

So … here’s a pony :)

fall fair, take two 250/365

Wouldn’t he have made a great shot for the timeworn prompt at the Sunday Creative?

hmmmm … wonder if it’s too late to switch. heh.


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  • Sue
    Posted at 21:10h, 07 September Reply

    Love it! I love the merry go round horses!

    • janice
      Posted at 21:37h, 07 September Reply

      Me too! What else can be romantic, nostalgic and downright creepy all at the same time? :)

  • Shelley Young
    Posted at 21:16h, 07 September Reply

    Hahahaha! Murdilate? Jan Slang cracks me up!!!

    • janice
      Posted at 21:37h, 07 September Reply

      LOL! Edumacating you ;)

  • Amber
    Posted at 10:45h, 08 September Reply

    I love this photo, and the story!

    • janice
      Posted at 11:37h, 08 September Reply

      Thanks Amber. I live another day :)

  • Monybean
    Posted at 11:23h, 08 September Reply

    LOVE your take two. I’m glad you took the safer road of picture posting =) Save a life post a horse lmao teehehehe (ear worm… I wanna be a COWBOY baby. with the top let back and the sunshine shining)

    • janice
      Posted at 11:37h, 08 September Reply

      You have a mix going on there. Sorta. LOL!
      Love both those songs :)

  • Tug
    Posted at 19:47h, 08 September Reply

    I don’t suppose EARL HAD TO DIE fits this, huh? Unless you WOULD have posted the photo of the daughter, then it could be J HAD TO DIE. ;-)

    Love the photo, great tones!

    • janice
      Posted at 20:26h, 08 September Reply

      Nope, but Moneybean up there has a couple new ear worms for you ;)

      • Tug
        Posted at 20:43h, 08 September Reply

        Dude, I think it’s fairly obvious I don’t need another stinkin’ ear worm.


        • janice
          Posted at 23:03h, 08 September Reply

          But I sooo enjoy it :p

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