tweet! {192/365}

Back out in the garden today.  Another nine hours worth.

I’m currently moving like an 80 year old woman.  Actually, no.  An 80 year old woman could probably kick my ass right now.

Let this be a lesson.  Do NOT leave your gardening chores until July when your yard bears a distinct resemblance to the Amazon.

Anyways …

Remember these guys?

Happily, they’re still around and doing well, raising the family.  They’ve kept an eye on me all weekend and I’ve been snapping shots here and there.  Mom and Dad are looking like they’ve shed a few pounds and seem a bit on the haggard side.

Hey, kids will do that to ya.

After twenty plus hours of seeing me roaming around, by the end of today they were landing about two feet from me.  They’d pop in for a visit every ten minutes or so.

I think they figured out that the more I dug around in the dirt, the more worms emerged with my shovel.  It pretty much turned into open season on worms.  Total free for all.

(and a few grubs too … gag)

Anyways, I grabbed this shot (amongst, oh I dunno, a hundred? heh) through the leaves …

tweet! 192/365

Not sure if this is Mom or Dad. I honestly couldn’t tell them apart. And they were both out together, so that shot a few holes in the hunter/gatherer theory. Beats me.

Watching them watching me all weekend was pretty cool.  And I left their Juniper ’til the end.  I wasn’t too sure about that area and I’m more than a little fond of my eyeballs.  But they were okay with it.  One sat on the roof, and the other sat on one of my garden lights and they both stared at me until I was done, satisfied that their babies were safe.

I think we’ve bonded. heh.

EDIT:  Yes, I’m still doing the Sunday Creative.  Technically though, the creative prompt is for the week, not just for Sunday.  The prompt this week is ‘connect’ and although you could argue that I connected with Mom & Pop Robin, I have something slightly different in mind ;)


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  • MonybeaN
    Posted at 00:04h, 12 July Reply

    lovely tweet story, your in my prayers… (wishing no 80 year old will pick a fight until your fully recovered from you gardening adventure) xo

  • Jamie S
    Posted at 20:04h, 12 July Reply

    Grub – yuck – another reason to add to my list of reasons not to garden. I’ll just enjoy your photos instead.

  • Maureen
    Posted at 20:57h, 12 July Reply

    love this shot. the DoF is perfect that little birdie is so sharp, the color is gorgeous and the bokeh? yum.
    i was out in my yard trying to hack back the jungle yesterday too. {house on one side of me is vacant & the weeds/growth is trying to overtake all that is mine} I feel your pain.

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