drizzled {165/365}

Day nine of Creativity Boot Camp and I had a ball with today’s prompt, “drizzle”.

This morning, I laughingly joked on facebook about the prompt and the fact that it had finally stopped raining here. Doesn’t that just figure? I joked.

Immediately, everybody started on food.

(and I’ve been hungry ever since)

I had the idea to go over to the local ice cream shop and plead beg cajole ask the owner to make me a delicious looking concoction that I might photograph for my online class.  Pretty please.  With cherries (literally!) on top.

She was a little unsure of my whackjob self, but she agreed!

And better than that, she went all out and totally helped me plan and get this done.

(hi Michelle!  thank you!)

The only available ‘drizzle’ we had was some yummy hot fudge.  So we did this …
(well, she did this, technically I stood around and pointed a camera at her)


Not bad, and totally fun! Look at Michelle go with that fudge … woooot!

(ssshhhh … she’s camera shy)

But you know me, never satisfied. And I couldn’t get the idea of a retro looking sundae out of my brain. It was stuck there.  I’m like a dog with a bone when I have an idea.  And her cool pink ice cream shop was begging me to figure it out.

So as I sat there eating my props (homemade props I might add – ice cream from scratch! and omg yummy) I contemplated the situation.

and then …. cherries … hmmmm … cherry juice …

Cherry juice!!!

Well hell, cherry juice will drizzle!

Hello brain, glad you could make it.

from day 165 - ice cream!

Now that’s what I’m talking about!


I only ate part of this one … shush.


All of the shots were processed in lightroom with the peachy fade preset I’m still working on.  I applied some textures to the bottom two shots to give them that soft fun look I was after.

Are you hungry now?  Craving some ice cream?

Thanks again Michelle, for being so kind to this nutbar with a camera.  Your indulgence was totally appreciated :)


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  • kim
    Posted at 22:56h, 14 June Reply

    Well, you rocked this one out of the park!!! I’m thinking you should have this enlarge and framed and then gifted to Michelle and the friendly ice cream shop to hang on their walls. Seriously, they are that good!!! You totally got the retro thing down with the second one, and I patiently waiting for you to release these awesome presets!!!!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow to see what cha got.

    • janice
      Posted at 23:01h, 14 June Reply

      pffftttt … I can’t even get my own stuff framed! LOL!
      We exchanged ice cream for photos :)

  • kim
    Posted at 22:58h, 14 June Reply

    Sorry for all of the typos above, I tend to not proof read anything until after I hit enter. My typing errors make me sound like the redneck from Texas that I actually am!

    • janice
      Posted at 23:02h, 14 June Reply

      LOL!!! redneck! ;)

  • Tug
    Posted at 23:17h, 14 June Reply

    No seriously, you should frame them for her, or send her prints to frame herself! LOVE the big one of the cone…and that last one? Perfection.

    • janice
      Posted at 23:18h, 14 June Reply

      You guys better hush! I can’t afford frames!!!! LOL!
      She’ll be getting whatever jpgs she wants, for sure :)
      The cone turned out a little blurry, I find. oh well.

      • Tug
        Posted at 23:31h, 14 June Reply

        DUDE! (Yes, I *did* just call you dude, heh) Old barnwood, nailgun, some pastel paint & sandpaper to weather it a little? PERFECTION. ;-)

        OR. A cheap metal frame with a can of high gloss pastelly spray paint.

        OMG. We need to live closer & open a shop.


        • janice
          Posted at 23:55h, 14 June Reply

          You just described half my house ;)

          • Tug
            Posted at 00:01h, 15 June

            Well duh then, OBVIOUS perfection. lol

  • Mary Lesh
    Posted at 23:34h, 14 June Reply

    Your pictures are divine and you make me want home made ice cream. Shame on you, I am on a diet.

    • janice
      Posted at 00:00h, 15 June Reply

      Me too, supposedly. LOL!

  • june
    Posted at 23:54h, 14 June Reply


    • janice
      Posted at 00:00h, 15 June Reply

      thanks! you’re up late?! ;)

  • Nicci
    Posted at 07:17h, 15 June Reply

    ooh my! I think I gained 10 kilos just looking at those pictures.

  • Jillsy
    Posted at 13:42h, 15 June Reply

    i got here via Betty Anne (at least I think that’s how I got here). Great site!!

    • janice
      Posted at 23:13h, 15 June Reply

      Thanks! Hi! :)

  • Jamie S
    Posted at 21:36h, 15 June Reply

    gorgeous – now I’m seriously craving ice cream.

  • Sarah P.
    Posted at 14:38h, 16 June Reply

    LOVE those! Makes me want some ice cream!

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