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01 Jul Happy Birthday, Canada!

So the first time I actually grab my gear and come prepared for a fireworks show, the fireworks show forgot to show up! Oy, what a lame display! That's okay, it was good practice. All other times, I've flown by the seat of my pants and...

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june 16

30 Jun june 2013

An entire month of photos in this post. I am officially President of the Procrastinator's Club. Go me :) It's been a wonderful month. Birthdays, final school days, anniversaries, graduation, daughter got a car for her 18th birthday / high school graduation ...

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May3-day123 c2013

03 May walking in High Park

The trouble with taking a lot of photos on any given day is that you tend not to think of the work involved afterwards. You're caught up in the moment you find yourself in and snap, snap, snap goes the shutter. And honestly, I'm much...

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